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John 4:23
23 But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.
New Year’s Eve is an interesting day, at least to me. Nearly everything is focused on what will happen tonight! The parties, the food, the games, the fireworks…it’s like the whole day is acting as if that coming midnight hour is the focal point!
Oh, there are exceptions to be sure. Some have to work today, especially all those people who work in retail. Some of us are just going about the day as if it was any other day…no special plans, no big deal. Some of us will be in bed way before the clock strikes midnight anyway (yawn “just another day, and I don’t like fireworks anyway”! Yep, you know who you are!)
And some of us, at least those of us who do not see ourselves as “fairy-tale Christians”, but rather believe strongly in the One True God and His Word, and make our stand boldly…well, we look forward to a new year where we will continue to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, continue to meet together every chance we get, and serve Him!
In any event, tonight at midnight we welcome a new year, even a new decade! We will celebrate that new day, that marks a new year of the 2020’s! Let’s recognize it as the Year of Our Lord! GracePointers… let’s shine bright, let’s be bold, let’s grow in every facet of our Spiritual lives and make this new year something special!
Yes, it’s almost midnight. If you plan to watch or light fireworks of your own, as you watch the night sky light up with the colorful little explosions, think about the coming “new day” when the Lord Jesus will Himself breach the Eastern sky and with a SHOUT of triumph take us home!! It’s going to be awesome!
Be safe tonight, and I pray for wonderfully blessed New Year!
In HIS amazing Grace,
Pastor Ben