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Dear GracePoint Family,
Faith Journey – Getting There!
Joshua was in an incredible position. His long-time mentor, leader, friend, Moses had just died.
He was standing on the boundary of the promised land, the precipice of the culmination of a
lifetime of journeying, of generations of promise God had given to Abraham before him… and
here he was, the new ordained leader of God’s people, ready to begin on a whole new phase of
his life journey! Joshua’s faith was undoubtedly tested and would undoubtedly be tested again
and again. How did he do? And what can we learn from his experience to help us as we
navigate our own Christian life journey? Let me encourage you to join us each Sunday through
the summer as we study the Book of Joshua to gain encouragement for the Journey!
Sunday, we started with taking the first step; determining to move forward, to devote ourselves
to “Getting There.”
In Joshua Chapter 1 we saw what Joshua saw, and can take from that our need to:
1. Accept the Challenge (v.2) The Untamed and the Unknown challenges.
2. Acknowledge God’s Commitment (v.5) His very PRESENCE seals it! And…
3. Adhere to God’s Commands (v.7) Both Completely and Consistently Follow Him!
Life IS a Journey. Faith is the vehicle. Embrace both and press on!
Together in His Grace,
Pastor Ben