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When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit. — John 19:30
Think back to 9-11. Do you remember how the massive pile of rubble, molten steel and unrecognizable human remains became a focal of point terror’s evil? Remember President Bush ascending a rubble pile with a fireman, and with bullhorn in hand proclaiming for the world to hear our Nation’s resolve, our determination to bring to justice those who were responsible for that horrific attack. Do you remember that section of destroyed land was referred to over and over again as “Ground Zero”? What is a ground zero? It is a place of origin, an established point of beginning; can you think of the “ground zero” moments in your own life? For the Child of God, the ultimate “ground zero” moment happened over 2000 years ago on a hill called Mt. Calvary!
God is perfectly holy, and His justice demanded punishment for sin. The complete wrath of God was poured out against the rebellion of man, at the cross where Jesus suffered and died for OUR sins! It was there that the justice of God was satisfied through the Lord’s sinless sacrifice. This is then where we see the divine paradox of the cross in that at the very moment God unleashes His unbridled punishment of sin, He also reveals His greatest expression of love, mercy, and grace! (Romans 5:8) God the Father gave His Only Son to die so that we don’t have to… grace defined! Yet grace is further revealed in the reality that Jesus was not an unwilling sacrifice, He freely lay down His life to pay your death sentence and mine! O what a Savior!
Redeemed by the blood of The Lamb! The ultimate Ground Zero: Jesus died once for all who will surrender to Him. Pray that you might fully appreciate the divine paradox of grace and that we all might share the love of God everywhere we go.
In His Amazing Grace!
Pastor Ben